Privacy statement

Below are a few definitions of frequently used terms in this statement.

  • Cross Point: Crossvest B.V., Cross Point Holding B.V., Cross Point B.V., Cross Point RFEAS B.V., Cross Point RFID B.V., Cross Point Logistics B.V., Cross Point Technology B.V. and Cross Point Deutschland GmbH.
  • Personal data: any kind of data on a natural person or a kind of data that can be traced to a given person such as a first name, surname, date of birth, ip-address, online-locator or address.
  • Processing of personal data: every treatment with regard to handling personal data, for example collecting, recording, passing on, destroying or archiving.
Collection and use of personal data of customers, suppliers and other clients
We would like to address your attention to the fact that we collect and use the personal data you give us, since this is necessary to conclude and execute an agreement with you. This is valid for our (potential) partners as well as for other parties we do business with.

Are you a (potential) partner, then we will use your data to:
  • send a quotation;
  • determine which specifications or wishes a certain case or service should meet;
  • supply, perform and/or invoice;
  • communicate efficiently about the aspects of the agreement.
Are you a potential supplier then your personal data are necessary to conclude and execute an agreement. In purchasing it is necessary to inform you which specifications or wishes a product or service should meet, to send a request for a quotation, to place an order, to pay invoices and to communicate efficiently about other aspects of the agreement.

You are not obliged to give us your personal data. If you do not provide us with sufficient information on your personal data, then it is possible that we cannot execute the aforementioned employment.

You have the opportunity to use your rights provided under the law, such as the right to request access or rectify your information, to restrict or object against processing your information or to refuse to receive advertisements, as well a right to file a complaint at the Dutch Data protection Authority. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please send an e-mail to

Prior to accepting your request, Cross Point is entitled to ask you to visit the company to assure your identity by showing your valid passport.

Version 1: 25-05-2018