ARGUS AM Floor System

Do you want unobscured access to your store, maintaining maximized visitor flow combined with solid merchandise protection? Our ARGUS AM Floor System offers ultimate discretion while performing its highly advanced security task.

The basic ARGUS AM Floor System consists of a wall mount control unit and an external antenna (2 transceiver coils), which is completely integrated in the floor of the store’s entrance.

One ARGUS AM Floor System can secure a maximum entrance width of 3m (OSTRA F25 tags) and 2.4m (DR labels). By adding optional receiver coils, the maximum entrance width can be increased to 4m (OSTRA F25 tags) or 3m (DR labels). Multiple control units and coils must be installed when larger entrances need to be secured.

In case secured merchandise is detected, audible and visual alarm signals are triggered on the wall mounted control unit and on the optional external Alarm Indicator. Remote service guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

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