Tag Removal Detector

The removal of tags from secured merchandise in the privacy of a fitting room is a major concern for retailers. The Tag Removal Detector is especially designed to detect fitting room fraud while it is happening.

AM technology, installed in the entrance of the store, combined with the RF technology based Tag Removal Detector installed in the fitting rooms and Dual technology tags, offer a complete store security solution.

The OSTRA D55 Dual Technology Tag contains an AM and RF coil and also the shell contains an RF coil. Attached to merchandise, only the AM coil can be detected in the store’s entrance, providing anti-shoplifting security. In case the tag and shell are taken apart in the fitting room, the RF coils will be detected by the Tag Removal Detector.

The multicolor LED alarm indicator with integrated buzzer, or alternatively a silent alarm, will notify store personnel when removal of a tag is detected in the fitting room.

The Tag Removal Detector offers remote connectivity, which enables remote service and direct insight in tag removal alarms as well as fitting room usage when the Tag Removal Detector is combined with a movement sensor.

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