AM Deactivator

Cross Point AM Deactivators are combined label detectors and label deactivators, designed for reliable detection and deactivation of AM Labels.

The Connected AM Deactivator counts successful and failed deactivations, so that the label quality is checked constantly.

Successful / Failed


Cash Register

Perfectly flat / Recessed

Successful / failed

The Connected AM Deactivator counts successful and failed deactivations, so that the label quality is checked constantly.

Deactivation occurs automatically after a label is presented, but can also be enabled by the POS system or through a switch.

The housing contains a buzzer and two LED lights. The lights shows if the deactivation was successful or not.

Only 4 mm Thick

The deactivation plate is only 4 mm thick and perfectly flat.

Because the edges are perfectly flat and the counters round, the deactivator plate can be milled in the counter easily.

A deactivator is a device for removing the protection of a product. This can and may of course only be done by authorized personnel, perhaps also only within opening hours. Or only when the cash register is active. That is why our deactivators are provided with options for controlling this.

Laptop with dashboard Device Explorer - Cross Point

Remotely Accessible

The AM Deactivator can be connected to our Cloud. It is therefore remotely accessible for maintenance.

When connected to Cross Point’s Integrated Loss Prevention Platform, called CrossCONNECT, reports can be sent to your mailbox and information can be flexibly integrated into existing management information systems.

Remote maintenance guarantees optimum operation at minimum cost.

Mounting Methods

The connected AM deactivator can be mounted in three different ways. Normally the entire unit in the counter is milled for a recessed look, but the antenna plate can be separated from the control for other mounting methods.

When the deactivator is milled in the counter or the antenna plate is mounted on the top of the counter, control LEDs are visible on the plate. If the antenna plate is under the counter, these LEDs on the control unit are lit.


Premium features

  • Timestamped deactivation

    Each deactivation is recorded with a timestamp and a status mark

  • Automatic synchronization

    Automatic synchronization with Cross Point AM systems

  • Optional extension kit

    Extension set to separate deactivation plate from the base

  • Remote maintenance

    Optimum operation at minimum cost


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